Check your American Airlines Delayed Baggage Status

Check Your Delayed Baggage Status with American Airlines:

If the aircraft loses your gear, you have privileges. When the underlying upset has worn off, it’s an ideal opportunity to get chipping away at getting something back. Lost baggage in global flights falls under the Montreal Convention, which oversees gear as well as flight delays and different issues that may prompt compensation. The baggage is probably going to be either postponed or onboard one more plane unintentionally.

Aircrafts set aside some effort to look for gear before they pronounce it as authoritatively lost. Contingent upon how far you’ve voyaged, this can be just multi-week or up to a month. During this time, there’s actually nothing you can do with the exception of pause. In case it’s been over a week and you haven’t heard a single thing from the carrier, call to monitor the circumstance.

Check Status of Your Delayed Baggage at American Airlines:

aa delayed baggage track

  • The file locator number is on the printed receipt you received from the airport agent. If you don’t know your file locator, you can contact Baggage Customer Service.
  • If you are unable to locate your checked bag you have to notify the baggage service agent as quickly as possible prior to leaving the airport. Your notification must be made within 4 hours after the arrival of the flight on which the bag was checked. If you purchased the American Airlines baggage delivery service provided through BAGS VIP Luggage Delivery in advance of travel, notification must be made within 12 hours before the arrival of the flight on which you traveled.
  • In the event that you notice harm to your sacks, see a specialist prior to leaving the air terminal or reach us within 24 hours for homegrown flights and 7 days for global flights. They will give you a 13-character record reference number to utilize when documenting your case.
  • To be considered for repayment, finish up a Passenger Property Questionnaire including the 13-character record reference number you got when you detailed your harm.
  • Complete the poll PDF Opens one more site in another window that may not meet openness rules
  • To diminish the danger of harm, stay away from Over-pressing. Handling packs that will not close totally
  • Checking portable things like PCs, portfolios, and sacks. Going with very old or worn sacks. Pressing limited things.

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Bypass Baggage Claim at American Airlines:

  • Better bag delivery makes your movement fast and helpful. Simply pursue the conveyance administration before your next outing and let the specialists deal with your packs for you.
  • Conveyance administration is accessible inside 100 miles of the air terminal and you don’t should be accessible to finish paperwork for your sacks.
  • Pursue sack conveyance administration Opens one more site in another window that may not meet openness rules
  • Prior to your flight: Sign up for sack conveyance administration somewhere around 2 hours before your flight is booked to leave.
  • At the air terminal: Check your sacks at the ticket counter. An exceptional pointer will be imprinted on your pack labels so an extravagance conveyance agent can recognize your sacks.
  • After you land: Bypass baggage carousel and head straightforwardly to your last objective. Your sacks will show up at your objective inside 4 to 6 hours.

American Airlines Contact Information:

For more information call on 800-433-7300.

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