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by admin July 26, 2020

You can now make the payment for the EatingWell Magazine and subscribe to its yearly issues directly from the magazine store. Health-conscious readers who have a penchant for receiving their famous wellness and lifestyle magazine via hardcopy will want to make an immediate subscription. A perfect way to spend your quarantine by cooking and baking healthy food! Join EatingWell now!


About EatingWell Magazine

EatingWell Magazine is famed and well-known cooking, food, and wellness magazine targeted especially for the women audience. It mainly focuses on the simple as well as extensive cuisines that re extremely balanced in dietary contents and healthy food habits that wi8ll go for any type of diet. Healthy recipes, diets, latest cuisine and food news, health and wellness topics, and cooking tips are focused on each page of this magazine. It mainly falls into the category of Lifestyle genre. Do not deprive yourself of tasty snacks. Rather learn cooking healthy alternatives which are lip-smacking as well as help you to stay in the loop with the balanced diet chart.

Get yourself subscribed to EatingWell from the magazine store and switch to self-love. EatingWell also covers special sections and food preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian, diabetic, paleo, and any other special diet plans fitting the requirements of your health and fitness.



EatingWell is published by Meredith’s publication. Yearly, there are 10 issues published annually. The first issue will be mailed within 3-8 weeks. Each cover price is priced at $4.99 per copy.  It mainly publishes 6 times a year with sometimes publishing two issues at a time.


Subscription Plans

The frequency of magazines may be subjected to change without any notice. Additional sales tax may be added to the order. Here are the plans for subscribing the EatingWell Magazine from the magazine store:

  • $15.98 Plan: Under this, 2 great magazines will be issued. Get one year of EatingWell for 10 issues. Apart from that, you can also get 6 issues for 1 year of Allrecipes.
  • $10.00 Plan: Save 80% with 10 issues of seasonal print subscriptions.
  • Both plans will start instantly. Also, get attractive gifts and discounts on every issue.
  • At the end of the expiry date, both the subscriptions will be renewed automatically.


Subscription Method

Are you ready to get subscribed and make the payment successfully? With magazine store, it is easy to get a hand on your EatingWell issue ASAP:

  • Open your browser and visit www.secureezpay.com
  • On the top strip, click on Subscribe link beside Not an EatingWell Subscriber yet


EatingWell from magazine store Magazine Subcribe


  • Select your desired subscription plan from the given option. Check all the terms and conditions thoroughly and click on Checkout Now



  • Select your Payment Method from the given list. Available payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, PayPal, and AmazonPay.


  • In case of credit cards, please enter the Credit Card Number, CVV, and Expiry Month and Year. In the case of e-wallet, you will be redirected to sign in to the respective wallet and link the payment with the magazine store payment gateway.
  • If you are planning to gift this to someone, you can tap on Make this a gift for the specialized gift package.
  • Type in the Billing Address one by one:
  • Email Address.
  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Address 1.
  • Address 2.
  • ZIP Code.
  • If your shipping address and billing address is the same, then tick beside Same as Billing Address. Else enter the full shipping address.
  • If you have received any referral code, please type it on the Code
  • You may also add any special introductory offer that is offered then.
  • You may wish to donate to Save the Children Foundation.


EatingWell Magazine Subscription Magazine Store


  • Verify the Captcha.
  • Tap on the Submit Order tab to confirm the order.


EatingWell User Account

On confirming the order, your EatingWell user account will automatically be created. As part of the order confirmation mail, you will also receive a welcome mail along with the Account Number for the EatingWell Magazine. The account number is crucial for access. With the EatingWell account, you can now do the following things:

  • Manage your EatingWell subscriptions and order.
  • Track the delivery of the latest issue.
  • Get the latest notifications and alerts regarding any offers, discounts, contests, or gifts.
  • Cancel the subscription at any point in time before it auto-renews. (You will receive an email reminder before auto-renewal)
  • You can restart the membership.
  • Manage the payment information, address, and personal information. You can also change or customize them as per your convenience.

Login Method

Here are two ways through which you can log in to your EatingWell account and manage your subscriptions like a boss:

  • Login via Account Number


  • Open your browser and visit www.secureezpay.com.
  • Under Login Using Your Account Number and ZIP Code, type in your Account Number.
  • Enter the ZIP Code of the billing address.
  • Click on the Login Now

Note: International account holder can click on Click here beside International Account and repeat the same steps as above.

  • Login via Address


  • Open your browser and visit www.secureezpay.com.
  • Below Login Using Your Name and Address, type in the Full Name.
  • Enter the Full Address.
  • Type in the
  • Select
  • Enter the ZIP Code.
  • Select the Country.
  • Tap on the Login Now

The Login portal is maintained and operated by Meredith Corporation.

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Customer Support

  • Magazine store


Dial 877-480-0155 to speak directly to the customer support help desk in case of any issues, queries, or concerns faced during the subscription.


  • Open your browser and visit www.magazine.store/faq/.
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • On the pop-up contact form, fill up the information as much as possible:
  1. Email Address.
  2. Address 1.
  3. Address 2.
  4. ZIP Code.
  5. Phone Number.
  6. Order ID.
  7. Magazine Name(dropdown list)
  • Type in the Message in detail within the inbox.

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm PT, M-F.

  • EatingWell


Dial 1-800-337-0402 to directly connect with the EatingWell customer support help desk.


Write at ETGcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com




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