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Pay Traffic Ticket in Maryland Online and Other Crucial Info

If you have recently received Traffic Citation for violating traffic rules and norms in any roadways under the jurisdiction of the District of Maryland, you can pay the fine directly online. The best part is you do not make any payment through mail or in person. With an internet connection, you can make the payment anytime and anywhere, of course within the last due date.

More About Traffic Citations

The Traffic Citations are issued by the State of Maryland in two various ways:

  • Handwritten Way.
  • Electronic Way.

On charging with the payable traffic offense, you will be issued two copies of citation. Apart from the Traffic Citation, there are two types of traffic violations that are occurred in Maryland, payable and must appear.  Traffic Citations not only appear in respect to the fines and penalty payment but also comes up with the citations with the ‘must appear’ where the recipient will keep on receiving notices of trial dates.


Receiving Citation

Depending upon the offense, the police officer issues the citations whether the driver needs to appear on the court or just pay off the fiber with a warning to be careful shortly. In case of payable offenses, drivers are required to pay the full amount via online or via mail. The amount payable is the full amount if fine as exactly mentioned in the citation. They can also request a trial in court for lowering the fine or zero sanction or appeal for a trial date that will be established by the court.

If the officer issues Traffic Citation, the driver has to sign on a document as a sign of acknowledgment in the presence of the issuing officer that the person received the citation successfully.  This paper is the acknowledgment form of receipt by the driver. By signing the acknowledgment, the driver is not conforming or admitting to the guilt. In case of refusal, authorities may arrest the driver.


Payable Offence

In case of payable offense, whether the driver pats the fine straightaway or pleads guilty, the pleas will be recorded on Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and driver’s record. MVA may in turn assess the points. In front of the Judge, the driver may pleas to reduce the amount of fine or eliminate the points accumulated under payable offense. This is definitely not trial.

Making the payment for Traffic Citation

On receiving the payable citation, the person must comply with the citation and make the payment through the following methods within the 30 days of receiving it:

  • Online Payment: Make the payment of the fine amount mentioned in the citation via the Maryland Court Payment Portal.
  • Pay In Person: Take the traffic citation and the fine amount and pat in person to the local District Court.
  • Pay via mail: Send the payment via mail to the following address:

District Court Traffic Processing Centre

  1. 0. Box 6676

Annapolis, MD 21401

  • Pay at Kiosk: Make the payment to the Maryland Uniform Traffic Citation Payment Kiosk located at any local Moto Vehicle Administration Office.
  • Pay via Telephone: Call at (800) 492-2656.


Making Traffic Citation Payment Online

Online payment can be made on the LexisNexis Payment Solutions Website, a secured payment portal of District Court of Maryland. To make the payment online, take the Traffic Citation receipt and go through the following steps:


Pay Traffic Ticket in Maryland Online and Other Crucial Info

  • Click on Pay Online link below Traffic Citation Information
  • Read all the terms and conditions governing the online payment policy and click on I have read the information above
  • Click on the Continue
  • Enter the Traffic Citation Number from the citation receipt.
  • Type in the Last Name as printed on the citation.
  • Enter the captcha code.




  • Click on the Continue
  • You will be redirected to the secured payment gateway where you can pay using your credit card or e-wallet.



You cannot make the payment online in cases of following exceptional conditions:

  • The Traffic Citation indicates you to “Must Appear” in the court.
  • In case you have received a trial date, but have not yet appeared to the court, you need to send the payment through the mail along with a request to reschedule the trial date.
  • The Traffic Violation is included ion the Traffic Violation Instalment Payment Plan.

In case of detailed info regarding the Traffic Citation, visit www.casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/

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Dial (800) 492-2656 to get in touch with the District Court of Maryland.

Time: 8:00 am and 4:00 pm EST






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